Our Company Specialties Include

Custom Cabinetry
Full design and fabrication, from Plastic Laminate Casework to Custom Veneer Cabinets using Exotic / Rustic Finishes

Specialty Finishes
Including Acrylic, Architectural Metal, Integrated Glass, & Reclaimed materials

Multi-Unit Casework
All types of cabinets and specs – supply and install, FTM takes on the shared risk and assures Compliance and Coordination

Finishing Carpentry
Includes Baseboard, Crown Moulding, Chair Rail, Door Casings, and other running trim

Custom Millwork
With an entire shop team specifically dedicated to custom millwork, we are prepared to take on any project, no matter the complexity

All finishing is completed here in our shop allowing us to custom finish to match your design intent

Countertop finishes from Acrylic Solid Surface, Stone/Quartz to Zinc Countertops

What we Provide:

Engineering Services

Here at Finishing Touch Millwork we have a full team of engineers and drafters so that no design detail goes unnoticed. We take pride in ensuring all project details are addressed prior to production. Below are some examples of drawings from previous projects:

Preconstruction Services

A lot goes into a project prior to production even starting. At Finishing Touch Millwork, we have all the pieces to make sure your job is taken care of at all levels:

Estimating: With 6 estimators, our capacity for bidding projects is extensive. We are typically bidding an average of 30+ jobs concurrently.

Field Measures: Whether we need to take measurements in order to bid a project or we need measurements for production, we have a specialized team in the field that focuses on just that.

Client Relations: We care about our clients, new and existing. And we also like to know who we are working with. We want to come see you and make sure you are getting everything you need; from bid scope reviews to post job follow ups.

Dedicated Project Managers: Each project that is awarded to Finishing Touch Millwork is passed down to a dedicated PM who will see your project to the finish line. We have a comprehensive system between estimating and production to ensure all vital information for each project is passed to the assigned PM. In addition, we utilize Builder Trend to keep everything organized and on track.

Field Management: In addition to dedicated project managers, we have over 10 Lead Foreman and 3 roaming field managers to ensure quality control and to lead our many installers to the project finish line.

Our Sector Specialties Include

We perform all types of commercial work from Restaurants to Hotels, Banks, Retail, TI / Office, Medical Buildings, Lab Casework & Public Works Jobs

Volume / Production
Our production team is able to handle all types or production work from $5K to 5M+ per job. We can accommodate tough schedules and cost pressures.